Tips When Scaling a Business from Home with Kids

Tips When Scaling a Business from Home with Kids

Moms everywhere are working from home today amid coronavirus social distancing mandates while they raise their kids. This new remote workforce is here to stay, and many parents are left wondering how they are going to balance family, their kids, and their jobs all at the same time. If you’re a woman looking to grow a business you just started this year, I am going to provide you with some amazing tips for balancing it all as the boss-woman you were born to be.

Here are ideas that have worked for me:

  • Start the day with self-care. In order to give to everyone around you throughout the day, you need to give to yourself first. That means you need to wake up, perhaps 30-minutes earlier, and invest in your self-care. Whether that’s a skin care routine, going for a run, meditating, or doing yoga, do whatever you need to do to nourish your soul.

  • Invest in your education. This doesn’t mean you need to go enroll at college somewhere. Rather, make time to read, learn, play, and experience. Go on mini trips to learn more about the culture around us. Read articles before you go to bed. Invest in your knowledge – it’s something no one can take from you!

  • Always make time for fun. Our bodies were meant to laugh, smile, giggle, and rejoice. Too many women today have cut fun out of their lives because there just “isn’t enough room.” When you’re happy, everyone else around you will be happier, too. Always make time for fun, even if it’s just 10-minutes per day.

  • Realize you are more than enough. No matter what anyone says to you, know that you are more than enough. You are an amazing mother to your children and you deserve all of the amazing things awaiting you. Be sure to reward yourself.

  • Your children love you. Your kids aren’t going to remember the little things – they are going to remember you, your presence, and your love. Just being home with them is doing wonders for their minds and souls. Being yourself is enough and your children love you for it.

  • Be grateful for the life you are living. End your day thinking about the things the you are grateful for; don’t end the day thinking about everything you “didn’t do.” You’ll never be able to meet your own expectations this way. Instead, think about what you DID do and what you are working towards in the future.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep dreaming big! So many women feel like they need to sacrifice themselves for their families. This just isn’t true. Live life to the fullest and don’t listen to anyone else’s opinions. There is only one you on the planet!