Making Memories

Making Memories

I believe that we always need something to look forward too. My job as a mom of four girls is to create these fun little moments where time seems to slow down. Just enough to hear smiles go across the faces of these four reflections of myself that remind me daily how to play.

A little teepee tent built in the corner of their room stocked with just a few simple surprises is all it takes to create a joy that I know they will always remember. These were the moments with my mom that I treasure, and I can only hope to recreate similar memories for my littles.

Here is a short snippet of our little Teepee Fun Friday night. They enjoyed it so much that my two oldest daughters decided to camp out in their bedrooms under their simple string light setup.

I hope this gives you a little inspiration to enliven your Friday nights with your littles. I would love to hear in the comments below your creative ideas or traditions that you share with your keikis (Hawaiian word for Children).

Here is a link to the exact teepee I purchased if you're looking to recreate something similar:)