I’m Too Stupid to Run a Business

I’m Too Stupid to Run a Business

That title was designed to shock you and force you to reflect on how you talk to yourself. Do you tell yourself you are too stupid to do something regularly? Do you tell yourself you will “fail” if you try something new? Do you tell yourself you’ll never achieve what you want to achieve?

We learn these forms of thinking when we are young. We begin to develop fears of failure, forcing us into the same negative thinking habits. When we start to speak to ourselves this negatively, we manifest an equally negative life that we live.

Here are some of the things you probably say to yourself on a weekly basis:

  1. I will never make a lot of money. We tell ourselves that we will never be “rich” because that is something reserved for a select few. Or we tell ourselves we’ll never run a business because that requires adept experience and motivation.

  2. I am not smart enough. So many women will tell themselves today that they are not smart enough to do something. Perhaps it’s a result of a patriarchal society. Whatever the source, you probably tell yourself you don’t have the acumen to learn or start something new.

  3. I am not tech savvy. Embracing the technological age is hard for a lot of people today. It’s a brand new world with so many nuances, it can seem overwhelming. Instead of trying to learn those nuances, we start to tells ourselves we are not tech savvy. We don’t have the ability to ever understand the internet.

  4. I am not eloquent in my speech. We tell ourselves we are awkward, socially distant, not-funny, and bad at public speaking. Before we even arrive to the social gathering, we already convince ourselves that we don’t have the social ability to blend in and make friends.

  5. I am going to fail, just like I have before. We need to stop seeing failure as a sign of weakness. In fact, failure is a necessary component to trying new things and learning about what we do and don’t like. The most successful people in the world failed 100 times before they finally succeeded. Failure is ok!

  6. Everyone I know is going to talk about me. We are social creatures by nature, which is why we care about what others think. If we think our friends and family are going to whisper behind our back, we get nervous. That fear is so great that we don’t attempt anything new at all. It’s worth it to play it safe than to be embarrassed, right?

I am challenging you to stop talking to yourself this way. If you change your thoughts and how you talk to yourself, your world will change, too. We manifest what we believe, whether we know it or not. It’s time to start telling yourself you ARE smart, you ARE brilliant, you ARE tech savvy, you ARE beautiful, and you ARE loved! All of it is true!

You ARE smart enough to run a business. I promise you.